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VDFHS - Home
VDFHS - Home
VDFHS - Cemetery Listings
cenotaphs/ 13 pages
Armstrong Cenotaph
Chase Cenotaph
Coldstream Cenotaph
Enderby Cenotaph
Lavington Cenotaph
Lumby Cenotaph
Malakwa Cenotaph
Salmon Arm Cenotaph & Womens Monument
Sicamous Cenotaph
Sorrento Cenotaph
All Saints Anglican Church Cenotaph
Vernon Cenotaph
Westwold Cenotaph
arrow_lake/ 1 pages
Arrow Lake Indian Cemetery
arrow_park/ 4 pages
Arrow Park Cemetery
Maple Cemetery
brooklyn/ 1 pages
Brooklyn Cemetery
burton/ 4 pages
Burton Community Cemetery
Burton Old Cemetery
deer_park/ 2 pages
Deer Park Cemetery
edgewood/ 4 pages
Edgewood Cemetery
Kirby Family Cemetery
fauquier/ 2 pages
Fauquier Cemetery
halcyon/ 2 pages
Halcyon Hot Springs Cemetery
nakusp/ 4 pages
Glenbank Cemetery
Nakusp Cemeteries
needles/ 2 pages
Needles Cemetery
renata/ 2 pages
Renata Cemetery
whatshan/ 3 pages
Whatshan Mennonite Cemetery
Whatshan Power Station Indian Cemetery
oyama/ 5 pages
Oyama Community Cemetery
Pattulo Private Cemetery
winfield/ 3 pages
Winfield Indian Cemetery
Winfield Old Cemetery
Woodsdale Cemetery
arrowhead/ 4 pages
Arrowhead Cemetery
blind_bay/ 2 pages
Blind Bay Cemetery
canoe/ 4 pages
Canoe Cemetery
Lund Family Cemetery
Lyman Hill Family Cemetery
celista/ 1 pages
North Shuswap Cemetery
comaplix/ 3 pages
Comaplix Cemetery
eagle_bay/ 3 pages
Eagle Bay Cemetery
falkland/ 7 pages
Falkland Cemetery
Falkland Pioneer Cemetery
Ferguson, Schweb, Mitchell, St. Laurent Cemeteries
Warren Family Cemetery
malakwa/ 2 pages
Malakwa Cemetery
mount_cartier/ 2 pages
St. Ann Cemetery
salmon_arm/ 3 pages
Joseph Jonny Family Cemetery
Salmon Arm Cemetery
Salmon Arm Indian Reserve Cemetery
sicamous/ 2 pages
Eagle Valley & District Cemetery
silver_creek/ 2 pages
Silver Creek Cemetery
sorrento/ 4 pages
Notch Hill Cemetery
Sorrento Cemetery
tappen/ 3 pages
Tappen Cemetery
Tappen Indian Reserve Cemetery
trout_lake/ 2 pages
Trout Lake Cemetery
armstrong/ 4 pages
Armstrong Spallumcheen Cemetery
g_s_pelly/ 2 pages
G.S. Pelly Private Cemetery
grandview/ 2 pages
Grandview Flats Cemetery
head_of_the_lake/ 1 pages
Head of the Lake Indian Cemetery
hullcar/ 2 pages
Hullcar Cemetery
komasket/ 1 pages
Komasket Cemetery
lansdowne/ 2 pages
Lansdowne Cemetery
okeefe/ 2 pages
O'Keefe Cemetery
sisters/ 1 pages
St. Joseph Cemetery
cherryville/ 3 pages
Hollingsworth/Schunter/Schaefer Cemeteries
Richlands Community Cemetery
coldstream/ 2 pages
Coldstream Cemetery
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church Cemetery
enderby/ 2 pages
Cliffside Cemetery
Enderby Indian Cemetery
grindrod/ 1 pages
Grindrod Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
lumby/ 3 pages
Lumby Cemetery
Procter Family Cemetery
mara/ 2 pages
Mara Cemetery
all_saints_anglican/ 2 pages
All Saints Anglican Church Columbarium
bethel/ 1 pages
Bethel Funeral Chapel
emilys_mountain/ 2 pages
Emily's Mountain
pioneer/ 2 pages
Pioneer Park Cemetery
pleasant_valley/ 4 pages
Pleasant Valley Cemetery / Vernon Municipal Cemetery
Pleasant Valley Funeral Home Columbarium
chase/ 5 pages
Chase Cemetery
Coburn Family Cemetery
Mattey Family Cemetery
monte_creek/ 2 pages
St. Peters Church Cemetery
paxton_valley/ 2 pages
Paxton Valley Cemetery
pritchard/ 4 pages
Harrison Cemetery
Duck Range Union Cemetery
westwold/ 6 pages
Ingram-King Burial Site
Westwold Cemetery
Wilson Estate Cemetery
resources/ 8 pages
VDFHS - Calendar
VDFHS - Resources
VDFHS - Queries
VDFHS - Surnames
VDFHS - Links
VDFHS - 52 IN 52
VDFHS - Social Media
wk01/ 1 pages
Alexander Rybin by Lawrna Myers
wk02/ 1 pages
Rebecca Nurse By Eileen Gilbert
wk03/ 1 pages
Memories of England Notes from Cicely Mary Buhler
wk04/ 1 pages
Mrs. J.W. (Fanny) Heatherly By Allan Hooper
wk05/ 1 pages
Biography of my Great Grandfather, John Passmore By Bob Passmore
wk06/ 1 pages
My Ancestors Were Heroes! By Nancy Hanson
wk07/ 1 pages
The Rochford Women by Joyce Young
wk08/ 1 pages
The Thomas Parsons – Convict Ancestor By Les Parsons
wk09/ 1 pages
The Edward Passmore - A Saskatchewan Pioneer By Robert Passmore
wk10/ 1 pages
My Maternal Grandparents, Arthur and Annie Duckett by Vivian Elgie
wk11/ 1 pages
Harriet Mary [Lorna] Lawrence By Marcia Gilbert 2014
wk12/ 1 pages
Richard Dobbyn edited by Allan Hooper
wk13/ 1 pages
My Least Known Grandparent Julius Kochmann by Jerry Thompson
wk14/ 1 pages
Hugh Gerald Williams by Ted Hoyte
wk15/ 1 pages
Conversations with "Granny" by Gilda Koenig
wk16/ 1 pages
The story of Janet Paton By her great-great granddaughter Darlene Gerow Jones
wk17/ 1 pages
A Brickwell Family History by Marilyn Buhler
wk18/ 1 pages
George Vancouver Copley by George C. Copley
wk19/ 1 pages
Henry J. and Catherine Maude Clark By Sheila Copley
wk20/ 1 pages
My Grandfather – Arnold Eichmann by Erika Lambert
wk21/ 1 pages
My Paternal Grandparents William Edward Bazell and Laura Annie Clarke by Vivian Elgie
wk22/ 1 pages
Nicholas Meyer – My Immigrant Ancestor by Lawrna Myers
wk23/ 1 pages
My Great Grandmother, Anna Gertrude Kuefler by Jerry Thompson
wk24/ 1 pages
Irish Massacre in Scullabogue in 1798 by Allan Hooper
wk25/ 1 pages
Arthur Merick Byam, a Mountain Mystery by Pioneer Park Cemetery Researchers
wk26/ 1 pages
Infant Son Bailey by Pioneer Park Cemetery Researchers
wk27/ 1 pages
Isaac Clanin – Charged with Fornication
wk28/ 1 pages
John Armstrong MacKelvie by VDFHS Cemetery Committee
wk29/ 1 pages
Biography of my Great-Grandmother Catherine Ryan By Robert E. Passmore
wk30/ 1 pages
James Gray - Hillcrest Mine Disaster by VDFHS Cemetery Committee
wk31/ 1 pages
Donald McIntyre by VDFHS Cemetery Committee
wk32/ 1 pages
John Warren-Davis by VDFHS Cemetery Committee
wk33/ 1 pages
Private William Logue (My brick wall) by Cindy Fisher
wk34/ 1 pages
The Warn Brothers by Joyce Young
wk35/ 1 pages
The Hatfield Family by Bob Passmore
wk36/ 1 pages
SHAIDES OF GRAY by Vivian Elgie
wk37/ 1 pages
My Duffield Line by Lawrna Myers
wk38/ 1 pages
The Origin of a Name by C. A. Brown
wk39/ 1 pages
The St. Colomban Irish by C. A. Brown
wk40/ 1 pages
Campbell Bros. by VDFHS Cemetery Committee
wk41/ 1 pages
Gideon John Milligan by VDFHS Cemetery Committee
wk42/ 1 pages
John Dobbyn by Al Hooper
wk43/ 1 pages
The murder of Sing Mah and On Lee by VDFHS Cemetery Committee
wk44/ 1 pages
Jesse and Phoebe Durham by Lorna Carter
wk45/ 1 pages
William Kingswood by VDFHS Cemetery Committee
wk46/ 1 pages
Grandma's Apron by Anglea Wood
wk47/ 1 pages
Ernie Passmore World War # 1 and World War # 2 by Bob Passmore
wk48/ 1 pages
The Story of John & Eve Beugeling
resource_centre/ 2 pages
years/ 7 pages
abc's/ 9 pages
VDFHS - A, B, C Surname List
VDFHS - D, E, F Surname List
VDFHS - G, H, I Surname List
VDFHS - J, K, L Surname List
VDFHS - M, N, O Surname List
VDFHS - P, Q, R Surname List
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member/ 55 pages
VDFHS - Member 013
VDFHS - Member 030
VDFHS - Member 059
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VDFHS - Member 451