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Private Burials - Ferguson, Schweb, Mitchell, St. Laurent

The following is a transcription of the Falkland area private burials.

Wilbert (Bert) Ferguson (1899-1907)

Bert Ferguson died of spinal meningitis and was buried on the Ferguson family farm. The farm was located on Deering Road southeast of Falkland. He was the fourth child of Alexander and Teressa Jane Ferguson.

  • Latitude: 50o 27' 26.39" N.
  • Longitude: 119o 30' 17.69" W.
Private Burails Distance View

Under the lilac tree in the middle of the field.

Ariel View of Ferguson Burial Plot

J. Schweb

It is believed that these remains are those of Jessie Schweb, child of Charles and Mary Schweb. The gravesite is located on the Schweb property near Salmon River Road between Vernon and Falkland.

Mitchell (Child)

The remains of a Mitchell child are also reported as being buried on the Schweb property near Salmon River Road between Vernon and Falkland.

Dalfas St. Laurent

Joseph and Sarah St. Laurent and their three children, Dalfas, William and Jeannie settled in the Paxton Valley area, operating the post office in their home from 1909 to 1911. Unfortunately Dalfas passed away at a young age and is buried on a knoll on their old homestead in Paxton Valley. Joseph and Sarah are both buried in the Falkland Cemetery.

Additional sources of information:

  1. BC Archives
  2. Dolores Culling (Falkland Historical Society)
  3. Meeting of the Winds, A history of Falkland by Marjorie M. Selody

Last updated September 2008